Hanging Out on a Log Dragon #1
Hanging Out on a Log Dragon #1
Hanging Out on a Log Dragon #1
Hanging Out on a Log Dragon #1
Hanging Out on a Log Dragon #1
Elemental Dragons

Hanging Out on a Log Dragon #1

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The first of a series of Dragons that are chillin" on a log on your wall.


All my creations are 100% a one of a kind and when it is gone it is gone. All my dragons are handmade by my hand. A few of the "accessories" may not have been made by me and I will always note it in the description. I have a small logo for which I stamp them to know that it is an original Elemental Dragon (I do sell my tutorial on how I make them, so there are cousins around I am sure).

I absolutely love everything about this little one. A gorgeous shimmery copper color polymer clay dragon with scales and ears made of black, white, gold and a touch of translucent colored polymer clay, they remind me of sunsets. Finished with big curious looking green eyes.
Wings are made of wires and a iridescent film that changes colors between golden hues, copper and greens. Black and brown are airbrushed on the tips.
I handmade the wood also out of polymer clay and painted. I did not made the plastic plants, and being plastic they will never die just get dusty. There are 2 small metal hooks anchored into the "wood" which to sting (in this case) a leather cord.
It measures about 7" long, 4" wide and 5.5" tall (not counting the length of the cord).

This hangs best against something like a wall (for the backside is not finished and better left hidden). It also have a slight tilt downward which makes it perfect to hang at a higher level up.

I love custom orders or any suggestions on my next dragon......so feel free to contact me :)

I will ship outside the USA but with the strange times right now I can not guarantee a time frame. If you have any question and/or suggestion, please reach out!

THANKS for looking!